Duplication of Information


Some of the Canyon Creek HOA documentation presented on this website is in multiple formats, primarily in their original form (usually a scanned .pdf) and in a searchable and linkable form (usually in .html).  These duplicate documents are an extract of the originally hand-typed and documents that are publicly and legally on file for the HOA.  The searchable and linkable forms of these documents have been created primarily as a convenience for today’s modern web environment.

First Generation

Many of the original source documents for Canyon Creek were hand-typed or their original word processing content is no longer available.  Some of these source documents have been photocopied, faxed, and/or reproduced from microfilm which has reduced their visual readability and do not enjoy today’s modern web document functionality.  Although, these original documents lack some usability, they remain as the undisputable source which is publicly and legally on file for the HOA.

Second Generation

These first-generation documents were scanned electronically into a standard non-searchable PDF document. Each may viewed at this website in the Governing Document library as .pdf documents.

Third Generation

Through the process of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) digital image processing, these scanned documents are translated into Microsoft Word for additional processing.  The OCR translation process is approximately 99% accurate typically leaving behind obvious misspelled words which are easily identified and corrected within the Microsoft Word document editor.  Additionally, within the Microsoft Word editor, document Article and Paragraph headers are manually “tagged” as cross-reference targets. 

These Microsoft Word documents are securely saved in the event additional translation errors are discovered.  

Fourth Generation

The Microsoft Word editor allows information stored in is primary Word (or .docx) format to be exported into a “Web Page, Filtered” (or .html) format.  As part of this export process, the tagged crossed-referenced “#label” targets are imbedded within the .html file.  These #label targets may be appended from other web-pages in the form of http://canyoncreek.net/[to-be-specified]/[document-name]#[label].  An example of the label might be “#_1.1_Architectural_Review”.  You may examine the .html source to discover the document labels.

Conflicting Information

While every attempt has been made to accurately duplicate the information, errors in extraction, translation, and tagging may exist.  In the event of errors or conflict between generations, the prior generations should always be assumed to be valid.

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