Our Management Company

Spectrum Association Management

Canyon Creek is a managed community by Spectrum Association Management (website SpectrumAM.com). Please contact Spectrum Association Management for any member account support and service maintenance requests. You may also contact Spectrum Association Management by phone at (512) 834-3900, or by email contact@spectrumAM.com.

Spectrum Association Management should be contacted for matters concerning:

  • Any questions concerning your individual regular and special assessments. (Also see the FAQ page for Assessments)
  • Any questions concerning your individual compliance, violation and fees. (Also see the FAQ page for Compliance, Violations and Fees)
  • Any questions concerning your payments of assessments, fees, or fines. (Also see the FAQ page for Payment Options)
  • Any community maintenance issues including the Bathhouse, Pool, Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, Volleyball Courts, and common parking areas.

If you should have a valid complaint against the management company, you may send that information to board@canyoncreek.net.

City Services including Trailhead Park, Trash Pickup, etc

Please dial 311 to report any issues with City of Austin facilities or services including Trailhead Park, trash pick-up, etc.


Dial 911 to report any incidences of fire, vandalism, theft, burglary, threats, harassment, collision, etc. Afterward, please also contact Spectrum Association Management if the incident involves HOA property. A police report number is appreciated but not required.

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