Greenbelt Trails

Canyon Creek has some fantastic trails on the east side of Boulder Lane. These trails are on land owned by the Canyon Creek Homeowners Association. There are five entrances to the trails: at the back of Trailhead Park, on Bramblecrest Drive across from Icarus Court, at the end of Brimfield Drive, at the end of Cinnabar Trail, and across Boulder Lane from Savanna Ridge Dr.  While there are some relatively easy stretches along Upper Bull Creek, many portions of the trails have rocky, uneven terrain.

In addition to the hills and views, you may see rabbits, fox, or owls; while you may hear our resident coyotes, it’s unlikely that you’ll see any. Nevertheless, exercise caution if you’re bringing your dog with you.

Greenbelt and trail areas owned by the HOA are designated as off-leash areas. Since you will likely encounter other dogs and people in these areas, make sure your dogs are friendly and well-behaved before allowing them off leash.

While on the trail, if you see anything out of place or spot some brush, branches or downed trees that need moving or clearing, please send an email to and one of our volunteers will get right on it. Please do not make any modifications to the trail system or try to re-route or cut new trails! 

Pack out what you pack in, leave no trace, and please be respectful of the trail and other trail users. One last thing: there are trash cans at Trailhead Park and on Boulder at Savannah Ridge for those doggie bags!

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