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This website is under development and being evaluated for future website ideas. All questions should be directed to the webmaster at JMarkWeaver@gmail.com.

As pages are moved to this website fundamental changes are made to the content:

  1. All media (such as .jpeg, .gif, .pdf) files are moved to the media library
    1. The media files are renamed to be short to represent their ownership such as:
      1. ca_ for generic clipart files especially if the ownership of the art is not known
      2. cc_ for files owned by Canyon Creek
      3. tp_ for content owned by City of Austin PARD, Trailhead Park
      4. etc.
  2. Link references:
    1. All link references to media content are referenced by the the slug value only (such as /ccpool ). The server value, directory values, and library suffix are removed.
    2. To improve readability and unless there is a specific reason to do so, links have been changed to simple hyperlinked text words instead of spelled out hyperlinks. As an example: “Shop at Amazon“, instead of “Shop at http://www.amazon.com“.
  3. Content vs Format:
    1. To facilitate ease of use by designers and page & blog contributors the structure of content is built in a consistent way while allowing a full complement of design blocks to author content.
    2. To facilitate ease of use by the users of the website, the content is delivered in a consistent framework.
  4. Page Revision Control:
  5. more to come…

Phase 1 Activity (Proof of Concept):

  • Port all pages. Pending pages include:
  • Port all blog posts. Pending blog posts include:
  • Verify all blog post to have the correct tags and categories
  • Port all documents. Pending documents include:
  • Port all media. Pending media include. Reload and relink if necessary.
    • Use a “-” instead of “_”
    • Use designated prefixes on all files.
  • Normalize all links to be relative.
    • 5 links to be corrected as of May 28th.
    • Correct WordPress equivalence to /new-blog?tag=landscaping to /tag/landscaping
  • Create a child theme
    • Install Blog Designer Pack Changes under child theme
  • Resolve mechanism for top-level nested menus to match behavior of Squarespace
  • Match color palette to existing website.

Phase 2 Activity (Advanced Functions):

  1. Cleanup front page trash-day widget so that:
    1. it does not require a forced screen refresh
    2. it works unattended.
    3. Fix AM / PM or trash collection widget. Both parts of the day show up as AM.
  2. Member subscribe functions should work unattended and include linkages to:
    1. street address,
    2. mobile phone numbers
  3. Dial-Out messaging to subscribers.