Canyon Creek Traffic Safety Announcement

The CC HOA board has reviewed data provided by the Austin Transportation Dept (ATD) for the two radar speed units (formally called Dynamic Speed Display Unit or DSDD) installed in July on Boulder Lane. (see chart below) There is some good news and some quite shocking news. The good news is that average vehicular speed recorded on both the N. Boulder and S. Boulder radar speed units was 35 mph (in 35 mph posted zones). The shocking news is that there were 789 vehicles recorded on N. Boulder at speeds exceeding 45 mph and 15 vehicles exceeding 60 mph. One vehicle on N. Boulder was recorded at a speed of 73 mph. The data for S. Boulder was questionably better where 733 vehicles were recorded exceeding 45 mph and 9 vehicles were exceeding 60 mph. One vehicle on S. Boulder was recorded at 77 mph.  This is shocking and verifies what essentially all residents in Canyon Creek already knew: we have a significant and unacceptable traffic safety issue.

Canyon Creek Traffic Safety Announcement:

The CC HOA board is currently investigating options to provide further traffic calming such as requesting additional Austin police patrols and asks every driver in the community to make an effort to slow down to the posted speed limits. Additional police patrols alone will not fix this problem, it can only offer some degree of traffic calming. Traffic safety is even more important now that our schools are back in session and more children will be walking along Boulder and other neighborhood streets. Again, we ask that all residents in Canyon Creek do their part to help mitigate this traffic safety issue to prevent a vehicular tragedy from occurring.

Slow down, watch pedestrians, yield to those in crosswalks and stop for school bus loading and unloading on undivided streets.

The DSDD units will be left place and data will continue to be studied going forward in order to determine further actions by the appropriate authorities.

Please contact the Canyon Creek board at or the CC traffic safety group for questions or comments:

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