Clean Up After Your Pet

Many people in our neighborhood have pets that they love to take on walks in our community. This is good for both the pet and for the owner.  While getting fresh air outside, dogs love to defecate and urinate while on their walks. Owners should pick up after their animals to keep the surrounding areas clean and sanitary. Feces on the sidewalk or adjoining grass is unsightly and unpleasant to neighbors that walk or live nearby. Owners should carry “poop bags”, pick up their animal droppings, either place them in containers that the HOA has provided along Boulder Lane, or place this trash in their own trash containers, not in the neighbors’ down the street. The HOA board believes this is a simple thing to request of our homeowners and asks that all of us comply with this request. We appreciate your compliance and your neighbors appreciate it as well.

This applies to our nature trails too. And please do not leave a loaded poop bag for someone else to remove.

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