Welcome to Canyon Creek!

Living in a managed association community combines two major lifestyle values. First is the private ownership of real property. Each of our homes in Canyon Creek is owned by an individual who enjoys a degree of autonomy. At the same time, we are in a high-density communal environment that depends on the cooperation and civility of its residents.

One of the hallmarks of membership in a managed association community is that the owner relinquishes a degree of individual freedom to be part of a residential neighborhood in which decisions are made by the association of owners acting through its elected Board of Directors. At Canyon Creek, the owners elect a Board of Directors which, in turn, makes and enforces rules and procedures for the use, operation and appearance of the property.

The residents of Canyon Creek include owners and some renters, both of whom are valued members of our community. Although our renter residents contract privately with the home owner, they are subject to the same rules and procedures, with a few exceptions.

The goal of the Board is to preserve, protect and enhance the quality of life and property values at Canyon Creek. Although all of us may enthusiastically endorse that goal, reasonable people will differ on how to achieve it. In every case we attempt to set parameters based on logic and common sense.

We do not expect every rule and policy to be revered by every member of the Canyon Creek community. Some possibly will find the rules too numerous and strict, while others will find the too few and too lax. It is in all of our best interest to observe Canyon Creek’s rules  and policies out of respect for the community as a whole.

The rule, policies and procedures of Canyon Creek are dynamic and subject to change with the times. The Board invites your comments, suggestions and constructive criticisms of Canyon Creek’s rules and procedures. The Board encourages owners to participate in the rule-making process by becoming involved with the governance of Canyon Creek. Please attend meetings, serve on committees, make informed choices in electing directors and volunteer to run for the Board of Directors.