FAQs: Committees

Frequently Asked Questioned

  1. Q: What are Committees?
    A: The Canyon Creek HOA board adjudicates committees to extend its communication reach into the community, leverage the talent of the community, leverage the knowledge of the community, and take the opportunity to hear a diversity of opinions within the community.  In addition, committees are good way to give the neighborhood members and opportunity to focus on those topics they are most interested while allowing others to focus on their interest.
  2. Q: How do I know if I am qualified to participate on a committee?
    A: There are no hard qualifications per se, but there are several considerations:
    • First, have a realistic expectation about your available time to contribute.  While subject knowledge is important, frequently you will need to spend time performing research, calling on others and following up emails to get the answers you need.  It takes time to be a good committee member.
    • Next, make sure you have a willingness to hear a diversity of opinions.  It is not just about your point of view.
    • Finally, work with fellow committee members to make recommendations to the board and your fellow community members.
  3. Q: What committees have been formed and who chairs those committees?  
    A: Review the Volunteer Committee page.  If you would like to join that committee, please send a note to the committee chair and discuss your opportunity for contribution.  Constructive help is always wanted.

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