Current Fine Policy (as of September 27th, 2018)

Canyon Creek HOA

September 27, 2018
Dear Members,

The Board of Directors has revised the fine policy as of September 27, 2018 to allow a 3 step process to be used.

It is the intent of the Board that violations move through a three-step process of

1) Notice of Violation with Request to Correct,
2) Notice of Violation with Intent to Fine,
3) Notice of Violation with Fine Incurred.

The fine amount will be $50 for each violation.

A citation is a violation notice issued for an instance of a new or a repeat violation.

A violation type is the associated rule or provision from the Canyon Creek Restrictions that has been cited in the violation notice.

A violation is considered cured when the board, in its sole discretion, determines the Member’s property is in compliance with the Canyon Creek Restrictions.

At the September 17, 2018 regular meeting of the Board, the new policy was unanimously adopted and became effective on September27, 2018.

The new policy is posted here: Fine Policy

If you have any questions on the new policy, please do not hesitate to contact the Board via e-mail at

Sincerely yours,

Canyon Creek HOA Board