FAQs: Crime & Safety

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: I heard gun shots in the Greenbelt area. Who should be notified? 
    A: Immediate contact police by dialing 911.  Please note the time and your best guess on the direction and distance to provide the greatest assistance to authorities.
  2. Q: How do I minimize the chance that my vehicle will be entered while in an open parking lot such as the Canyon Creek Community Center or Trailhead Park?
    A: HIDE your things. LOCK your car.  TAKE you keys.  Vehicles are primarily entered (i.e. smash and grab) to take valuables (cash, credit cards, mobile phones,,,) that are easily spent or sold for cash.  Even if a purse or backpack contains few valuables, a criminal will break into a vehicle for the risk of cashing in.  Although video surveillance cameras are frequently in use, thieves are very good at disguising their personal appearance (hats, hoodies), avoiding being seen (heavily tinted windows), and use homemade or stolen license plates that prevent identification.  Your best protection is to avoid giving thieves any cause to enter.
  3. Q: How do I minimize the chance that my vehicle will be entered while on my property?
    A: In addition to HIDE LOCK TAKE, you should make every attempt to park your vehicle inside your garage out of sight.  Once parked inside, do not leave significant valuables in your car and take your keys inside your home.

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