FAQs: Dumping

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Why is dumping an issue? 
    A: Illegal dumping is unsightly, unsanitary, diminishes property values and poses certain fire risks to the neighborhood at large beyond the confines of the immediate area.
  2. Q: Does Canyon Creek have any dumping or disposal facility for members? 
    A: No.  All refuse collection is provided by the City of Austin Trash and Recycling department.  Call Austin311 if you need more information.
  3. Q: I am working on special project that will require additional disposal requirements. Who do I contact? 
    A:  Start with your contractor that is providing services as they will typically perform haul-off as part of their job.  If you are doing the work yourself, there are local transfer stations such as:
  4. Q: May Canyon Creek residents use the dumpster located at the Community Center / Pool area? 
    A: No.  This dumpster unit is provided and sized for the collection of trash at the Community Center, Doggie Dump stations, and Board sponsored events.  Members participating in illegal dumping may be subject to fines under the Canyon Creek fine policy or subject to City of Austin Illegal Dumping code violations.  This dumpster is protected by video surveillance.
  5. Q: Who do I contact if I observe dumping activity? 
    A: Dumping on HOA property (Community Center, Dumpster, Greenbelt, etc) can be reported to contact@spectrumAM.com and board@canyoncreek.net.  Dumping on City of Austin property (i.e. neighborhood streets, Trailhead Park) should be reported via Austin311.  If you can safely capture pictures of the activity in progress, of perpetrators, vehicles, vehicle license plates, the evidence will greatly assist authorities.
  6. Q: Am I allowed to dispose of anything in the Greenbelt area behind my home? 
    A: No.  This is illegal dumping.  Grass, brush, limbs, logs, lumber significantly adds to the fireload of the greenbelt and dramatically increase the risk of a wildfire in Canyon Creek.  Regardless of when the debris was placed and by whom, it is the members responsibility to remove this debris as part of their weekly yard debris removal.  Under no circumstances, should members participate in clear cutting of trees on any HOA property.  All trimming within Greenbelt must be done with written approval of the Architectural Review Committee by completing a Firewise / Greenbelt Cleanup application.   

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