FAQs: Garage Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: When are the annual Canyon Creek Garage Sales
A1: The Garage Sales are typically in April & October. The actual garage sale dates are usually announced within 30 to 60 days prior.

The 2020 Spring Garage Sale has been canceled due to COVID-19 social distancing orders for Travis County.
Future Garage Sales can be discovered by checking in at the Events Calendar Page.

Q2: May I have a garage sale or estate sale at a time other than those specified.
A2: While we encourage members to have their Garage Sales coincident with the announced neighborhood event, the HOA nor management company does not fine members for unsanctioned events.  Please note, you may be fined for improperly disposed trash / litter, signage not removed after your garage sale, unattended displays or items left out beyond “reasonable” hours that detract from appearance of the neighborhood. Be a good neighbor and consider your impact.

Q3: May I have a regular / reoccurring garage sale based on my own schedule.
A3: No.

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