FAQs: Leasing (Renting) Property in Canyon Creek

  1. Q: Am I allowed to lease a home in Canyon Creek?
    A: Absolutely. Canyon Creek’s governing documents (i.e. DCCRs) make no unique restrictions on tenants, but just as homeowners, tenants MUST honor the governing documents. It is the responsibility of homeowners to inform tenants of the restrictions in the DCCRs. Any violations against the DCCRs will be levied against the homeowner. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to manage the acceptable behavior of their tenants.
  2. Q: What are just some of the important things for tenants to remember?
    A: First, tenants should take the time to read (or as least scan) the DCCRs and the FAQs. From that there are a few things to make sure you keep current:
    • Keep cars parked in your garage and drive, not on the street.
    • Remember to bring in trash & recycle bins as soon as practical after collection.
    • Keep lawns free from debris. If your lease requires that you maintain the lawn, bushes and trees please do so properly. Seek advice from your landlord or third party professional if necessary.
    • Do not make architectural changes to the property. (Homeowner’s must submit and get approval from the Architectural Change Requests, ARC before any changes are made).
  3. Q: Who do I contact if I have a neighbor that I feel is not living up to the standards set forth in the DCCRs?
    A: Homeowners and tenants must comply with the DCCRs. It is best contact Canyon Creek’s management company. Be certain of the address you are reporting. Supporting documentation (such as time-stamped digital pictures may be helpful) may assist.

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