FAQs: Payment Options

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Why do I receive a bill from the management company?
    A: You may receive a bill from the management company for:
  2. Q: What are my options for payments?
    A: There are generally four options for making a payment.
    • You may pay by check. Make sure that your address and account number are on the check and that you allow for delivery time by the postal service. Payments received after the payment due date are likely to incur a fine.
    • Work with your financial institution to set up a Bill Pay payment. Depending on your financial institution you may or may not have to pay a fee for the transaction. Most financial institution offer this service for free on a schedule that you can control without you surrendering personal account information. Where are some sample steps that can be used.
      • Log on to your financial institutions website with the credentials for your personal account.
      • Select the option for Bill Pay Setup and select which account be used for Bill Pay payment. You should only be required to do the steps in this group one time.
        • Select “Make a Payment to Any Payee”
        • In the Pay Someone New field, enter “Canyon Creek Homeowner’s Association c/o SpectrumAM”. Depending on your financial institution, the Payee field name may be truncated to something like “Canyon Creek Homeowner’s Assoc.”
        • In the Account Number field, enter your Spectrum Account number shown on your Spectrum Association Management statement.
        • In the Address field, enter “P.O. Box 299008, Lewisville, TX, 75029”. This is NOT your home address.
        • In the Phone Number field, enter SpectrumAM’s phone number of “512-834-3900”. This is NOT you phone number.
      • Select “Pay Now”
        • Enter the Payment amount as stated on the SpectrumAM statement.
        • Press Submit Payment.
        • Allow for 7 to 10 days for payment processing.
    • Set up an ACH payment through the SpectrumAM.com website. While this is a secure transaction provided by a third party provider to Spectrum Association Management, a $1.99 transaction fee is charged by the third party provider for the service.
    • Pay by credit card through the SpectrumAM.com website. As a 3.5% transaction fee is charged by the credit card company for the service this may be the least desirable option unless you are motivated by credit card points, mileage, etc.
  3. Q: What if I need more time to make a payment?
    A: Late payments will be assessed a late fee, but you should contact the management company and the board to make arrangements for a late payment.

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