FAQs: Pool

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Where can an overview for information on the pool?
    A: Look here and also carefully read the Canyon Creek HOA Pool Rules below.
  2. Q: Who has the authority to enforce pool rules?
    A: Lifeguards or any pool staff (as employees of Austin Pool Pros), Canyon Creek HOA Board members and Spectrum Association Management employees. You are also encouraged to follow the kind reminders of your fellow neighbors as appropriate.
  3. Q: Have the rules listed below been updated?
    A: The rules shown below were updated on June 18th, 2018 and are only minor edits to correct the an error in the address for the Canyon Creek Pool address and information about the Emergency Phone. All updates below are italicized. The original version is here.
  4. Q: What do I do if I discover feces (poop) in the pool? What if someone vomits in the pool?
    A: Immediately get out of the pool and notify a lifeguard and your fellow swimmers. If a lifeguard is not on duty, please leave an emergency message for the association management company by calling 512-834-3900. Do not re-enter the pool until you are given the all clear by a lifeguard, pool service personnel, a board member, or the association management company. The CDC guidelines suggest that depending on the level and type of contamination, the chlorine concentration and pH levels, the pool should be closed typically less than 3 hours during the decontamination period. The duration of this closure will be made by the pool professionals. Please be supportive as these closures are done for your safety.
  5. Q: I have a son/daughter that would like to work as a lifeguard at the Canyon Creek Pool. Who do I contact?
    A: The Canyon Creek HOA currently contracts its lifeguard service through Austin Pool Pros. You may contact them through their website at https://www.austinpoolpros.com/. They will review and qualify your application. Training, scheduling, etc will be managed between you and Austin Pool Pros.

Canyon Creek HOA Pool Rules

  1. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY USE THE EMERGECY CALL BOX or DIAL 911. Address: 11401 Boulder Lane, Austin, TX.
  2. The access gates surrounding the pool are electronically locked for everyone’s protection. Under no circumstances should the access gates be propped open. Canyon Creek HOA members in good standing may access the pool with a pool key-card.
  3. Members must have a pool key-card and photo id with them to enter pool area. The pool is for the use of Canyon Creek Homeowners’ Association members and their invited guest(s)/appointed guardian(s) only. Members must accompany guests. It is recommended that members write their name on their key-card.
  4. The use of all Canon Creek amenities, facilities and equipment is provided at your discretion. Use with caution. Swim at your own risk.
  5. When on duty, lifeguards are the authority and their directives must be followed and may impose additional rules as deemed appropriate.
  6. When a lifeguard is NOT on duty, children age 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult 18 or older that is a Canyon Creek HOA member or an appointed guardian.
  7. A parent or guardian is responsible for their children’s safety at all times and must be in the pool within arm’s reach of any poor or non-swimmer.
  8. Swimmers are encouraged to shower before entering the pool.
  9. Flotation devices are permitted with fewer than 25 people in the pool or at the discretion of lifeguards.
  10. No activity deemed to be dangerous, unreasonable or offensive is allowed. Only lifeguards are allowed on lifeguard stands. No running, hopping, skipping or speed walking.
  11. No pets allowed in pool or in fenced pool area.
  12. No diving.
  13. No glass containers.
  14. No alcohol, tobacco or vaping.
  15. No firearms, weapons, or illegal drugs are permitted. Presence of these items will be reported to police.
  16. No food within six feet of the pool.
  17. Place all trash in provided garbage containers.
  18. No persons with open sores, wounds and bandages, or communicable diseases are allowed in the pool.
  19. Double diapers (swim diaper with plastic pants) must be worn by any child not completely potty trained.
  20. Do not use the pool if you or your child has had diarrhea in the previous two weeks. IF A FECAL ACCIDENT ODCCURS, notify a lifeguard and other swimmers at the pool to exit the pool immediately. If a lifeguard is not available, notify the management company and treatment and re-opening information.
  21. In the event of inclement weather, swimmers are to clear the pool for at least thirty (30) minutes after lightning and/or thunder has ceased.
  22. Any additional posted rules must be followed.

Individuals or their guests reported or found to be in violation of any of the following pool rules will be reported to the Canyon Creek Homeowners’ Association Board and/or possibly the City of Austin Police Department.  Individuals are not allowed to remain on the Amenity Center property or within the pool area after hours.  Any individual(s) committing acts of vandalism to the pool, pool house, equipment, and/or surrounding area will lose privileges for a period determined by the board and be held responsible for cleaning, repair of or financial responsibility for damaged items.  In the event the individual(s) are juveniles, the parents shall assume full responsibility for their child’s actions.  The Board will consider all events individually and may lead to loss of privileges or fines.


Key-cards are available only to Canyon Creek members in good standing current on with assessments within 30 days of the due date and be within compliance of deed restrictions.  Members are not allowed to distribute key-cards to anyone outside their immediate family.  Contact 512-834-3900 or contact@spectrumAM.com to report any key-card access issues.  New or replacement key-cards are available at https://spectrumam.com/access-and-amenities/.

Pool Hours

The pool season begins in early April and closes in late October.  During this time, the pool opens daily at 5:30 AM (except Mondays when the pool is closed for cleaning until 2 PM) and closes at 9 PM.

Swim Team Safety Restrictions

The Canyon Creek Swim Team composed of Canyon Creek members’ children, may, at the approval of the Board of Directors, hold 2-hour swim meets.  The swim meet hours will be posted in advance of the actual meet date in order to notify other residents that the pool will be in heavy usage during this period. In order to maintain safety for all members, residents other than swim meet participants are not allowed to swim during the posted 2-hour swim meet time frame.

Pool Parties

Pool parties must be booked two weeks prior and only through the management company website at https://spectrumam.com/facility-reservation/ to ensure for the required payment, adequate lifeguard coverage and prevent double-booking.  The member paid expense is a rental fee per hour, per lifeguard with a two-hour minimum charge during normal lifeguarded hours.  The fee must be paid by the sponsoring member prior to the date of the function.  The sponsoring member will be responsible for any damage caused by party patrons and a Recreational Use Agreement may be requested at the discretion of the Board, the Management Company, or Pool Committee member(s).  Immediately following the party, the lifeguard responsible for the party will examine the area to determine if everything is clean and undamaged.  The sponsoring member will be responsible for any damage caused by the party patrons which occur during the party.

Management Company

The Canyon Creek community manager may be contacted at 512-834-3900, contact@spectrumAM.com or mail Canyon Creek HOA, Spectrum Association Management, 8303 North Mopac Expressway, Suite B120, Austin TX 78759.


The restroom fixtures are sanitized and cleaned weekly by a contracted janitorial service.  The designated maintenance person(s) are responsible for cleaning mirrors, counters, stocking hand towel emptying trash and hosing down the floors.  Please be mindful of the other association members by cleaning up after yourself when using the restrooms.  Please report any maintenance issues to the management company.

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