FAQs: Sheds and Utility Buildings

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I put up a shed on my property?
A1: Yes, but no shed should be larger than 8’ x 10’, with a height at the peak of the roof of 9’ and a side height of 6’. All measurements are to be from ground level and include any foundation.  Materials, color, and roofing shall be consistent with the house on the property and with general neighborhood designs.  All roof materials shall match the existing roof on the home or be approved by the ARC. The siding shall be painted to match the trim color of the home or the Owner may request an alternate color that obscures the shed to make it less visible. Any variance from these rules must receive ARC approval.

Q2: Is ARC approval required?
A2: Yes. No storage shed or utility building shall be constructed without prior ARC approval of the proposed design and location. Members wishing to construct a shed or utility building are encouraged to consult with an ARC member early in the design process to ensure compliance with these requirements. Like low decks, the area under utility sheds is potential habitat for pests and steps should be taken to prevent the nesting of animals under sheds.

Q3: How should I position my shed on my property?
A3: The shed shall should be located at least 5’ from any property line.  Sheds or any construction within deeded setbacks, typically 5′ from property lines, are subject to being removed, moved, or damaged by utility companies working within the easement.  Utility companies have no obligation to reimburse homeowners for damage to structures within the easement.

Q4: Are there visibility requirements for my new shed?
A4: The shed should not be visible from the front view of the home.  If the home backs to the Common Properties or a major boulevard (e.g Boulder Lane), or is within a visible sight line from the front of the house, it should be located at least 15’ from the rear fence line and screened with landscaping.  Small trees / tall shrubs may be used to screen the shed from side and rear the street and from adjoining Lots.

Q5: What kind of materials can used for my shed?
A5: No fiberglass materials are permitted.  Vinyl sheds that are neutral in color and are no taller than 7’ with a maximum size of 8’ x 10’ are allowed if screened from public view.

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