FAQs: Soliciting

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: What groups or organizations may engage in soliciting in Canyon Creek?
    A: Soliciting restrictions in Canyon Creek are not enforceable by Texas code, City of Austin ordinances, the Canyon Creek HOA’s governing documents, nor the Canyon Creek HOA’s management company. Though these restrictions are not enforceable outright, soliciting for businesses, environmental, social causes, religious, etc is strongly discouraged by most member residents and the Canyon Creek board. Although soliciting is not monitored by the HOA, Canyon Creek homeowners may call Austin-311 or 911 if they are harassed or observe any suspicious activity during solicitation.
    Exceptions / Allowed Solicitations:
    • Non-profit children’s clubs (Girl Scouts, Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs of America,,,) are allowed when escorted with their parents. Please note that selling cookies, popcorn, etc. provides some excellent real world exposure to selling and dealing with the public to support their organizations, you may want to consider simply making a donation to have a greater impact on the local organization.
    • Hang tags placed on doors by the Canyon Creek HOA board and/or by Canyon Creek’s management company. These hang tags are typically used to inform nearby neighbors of activities in the area of the activity
      (such as a Greenbelt Cleanup project) and categorized as a “public notice”.
  2. Q: There are “No Soliciting” signs placed at both entrances to Canyon Creek. Why were these signs posted if it is not enforceable?
    A: The signs serve as a deterrent / discouragement to anyone entering the neighborhood for that purpose. In general, solicitors do not go where they are not wanted.
  3. Q: What can I do to minimize the chance of being scammed by a door-to-door solicitor?
    A: Usually you do not need whatever is being solicited / sold unless you initiated the transaction.
    • If you are instructed to provide cash, money orders, or gift cards you should immediately contact the police.
    • Some scams are disguised as such things as innocuous environmental causes along with letter writing campaigns.
    • Do not believe solicitors that claim that they are already doing work for one of your neighbors and can give you a discount.
    • Do not believe that they are selling discount packages for services that are easily purchased on-line (such as AT&T, Spectrum Cable services).
    • Usually a deal “too good to be true” is just that.
  4. Q: What else can I do to discourage solicitors from knocking on my door?
    A: There are couple of simple things you can do:
    • You may place a “No Soliciting” sign near your front door as a reminder that you wish not to be disturbed.
    • Use a peep hole viewer to see who is at your door. Simply do not answer your door for people you do not know.
  5. Q: I am interested in a product or service that was introduced by a solicitor. How do I pursue it without encouraging more soliciting?
    A: Do not engage the solicitor but work with a reputable party for product or organization.
    • If you are interested in a product, purchase from a reputable store or an on-line retailer.
    • If you are interested in giving to charity go directly to their website
    • If you are interested in giving to a church work directly with the church or donate online by searching for the church name and “online giving”

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