FAQs: Tennis

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Where are the Canyon Creek tennis courts?
    A: Canyon Creek has two courts located 11401 Boulder Lane just to the right of the entrance driveway as you enter the Canyon Creek Community Center area.
  2. Q: Do Canyon Creek member residents need to pay fees to use the courts?
    A: No. These courts are available to all member residents.
  3. Q: How do I reserve time on the courts?
    A: You must reserve your own court time through tennis reservation system at https://canyoncreekhoa.tennisbookings.com/LoginX.aspx The Canyon Creek management company, the Canyon Creek board members, nor the Tennis Committee can make this reservation for you. Please immediately cancel any reservations that you can not make as planned.
  4. Q: The courts are locked. How do I gain access?
    A: Simply use you Canyon Creek Community Center key card. If you card does not work, please contact our management company during normal business hours so that they may check your account for any issues that may be have your key card temporarily disabled. You will need to provide your key card number imprinted on the back of the key card. Additional key cards for adult family members may be requested for a nominal fee. Damaged, lost, or stolen key cards may be replaced for the same nominal fee amount.
  5. Q: Does the Canyon Creek HOA or its management company organize tennis clinics or lessons?
    A: No. It is also against the HOA’s bylaws to endorse any third party organization for this service.
  6. Q: May I independently hire a tennis coach or trainer for lessons?
    A: Yes. You are responsible to coordinate your lesson and court times.
  7. Q: Who I contact to report a non-emergency problem with the tennis court equipment (lights, nets, center strap, windscreens, court squeegee, gate-lock) or debris on the courts (dirt, leaves)?
    A: Please call our management company at 512-834-3900.

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