FAQs: Trash, Recycling & Yard Trimmings Disposal

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: What is normal Canyon Creeks Trash, Recycling & Yard Collection schedule?
    A: The schedule is set by the Austin Resource Recovery department. In the Canyon Creek subdivision, collection is normally Wednesday except for noted Holidays. Depending on the year, the collection day may or may not affect the collection schedule. Go to Austin Resource Recovery My Collection Schedule page to see these exceptions. Trash (Landfill, Garbage,,,) and Yard Collection items are collected weekly. Recycling Collection is every other week. See “Get a Reminder” for what goes our when.
  2. Q: What is the normal schedule for Large Brush and Bulk Items?
    A: Large Brush Collection and Bulk Item Collection is done twice per year each and typically designated for a Monday but may not actually be collected until later in the week. Go to Austin Resource Recovery My Collection Schedule page to see this collection dates. You may continue to add to your collection pile until actually collected. While these items may be picked up by Austin Resource Recovery at any time during the week, once collected Austin Resource Recovery will not be returning to collect more items. If you put out items after collection it is YOUR responsibility to properly dispose of any items put out. Never dump any item into the common HOA property area, Greenbelt, or dumpster. Violations create specific health, fire safety, risks and expenses for all residents. Violators will be prosecuted.
  3. Q: What is the easiest way to remember the collection schedule?
    A: You may request an automated: email, phone call, twitter message, text message (recommended but note that text messaging charges may apply depending on your text messaging plan), embedded in your Outlook schedule, embedded in your Google calendar, embedded in your iCal, or simply print a calendar. Simply go to the My Collection Schedule page and click on the Get A Reminder button and fill in the necessary information. You will be notified for what is being collected and any unique circumstances (weather delays, slide days,,,) for the collection. This automated notification process works very well.
  4. Q: What are the rules and restrictions for what can be put out for collection?
    A: See the Austin Resource Recovery page.
  5. Q: How do I save money on trash, recycling, and yard trimming disposal?
    A: Austin Resource Recovery provides bundled services to manage your trash, recycling and yard trimmings. Save money on your utility bill by recycling as much as possible, setting aside yard trimmings for composting collection, and choosing a smaller trash cart. Costs are based on your trash cart size. We offer four trash cart sizes; choose the size that best fits your household’s needs. Learn more about pricing and size options. Administrative Rules require that each household have a 96-gallon trash cart before requesting an additional cart. The City also requires that customers have the same capacity for recycling as you do for trash. To change your cart size, call 311 or 512-494-9400.
  6. Q: Austin Resource Recovery provides receptacles for Trash and Recycling. What about yard trash?
    A: Put yard trimmings in bio-degradable 30-gallon lawn-and-leaf kraft paper bags or a reusable container that is no larger than 34-gallons and no heavier than 50 pounds. Yard trash is most frequently disposed of in lawn-and-leaf kraft paper bags available at most all major retail stores (such as HEB, Home Depot, Lowes, Costco, Sam’s Club,,,) or 34-gallon trash container available at many hardware stores (such as Home Depot, Lowes,,,).
  7. Q: When can yard trimmings be put out for collection?
    A: It is important to note that when you are allowed to place yard trimmings on the street depends on the receptacle. Although not collected until Wednesday, you may place yard trimmings placed in lawn-and-leaf kraft paper bags starting Saturday at 6am. Yard trimmings placed in a plastic 34-gallon trash container must not be placed earlier than 8pm the day before collection (similar to regular trash and recycling). Please note that the 34-gallon trash container must be removed no later than 8pm the day of collection. The allowance for lawn-and-leaf kraft paper bags being placed out early is to accommodate anytime (typically in the Spring and Fall) a significant number of leaves need to be collected.
  8. Q: Will I be fined for placing items out too early or not removing my trash receptacles?
    A: Yes. Too ensure a pleasing appearance and respect for your neighbors, the compliance restrictions stipulated in the Canyon Creek DCCRs section 3.4 will be enforced.
  9. Q: What if I have additional questions about waste disposal?
    A: Dial 311.
  10. Q: What if I have special circumstances?
    A: While you are ultimately responsible for all disposal, you might be able to avoid fines by notifying Spectrum Association Management to work out arrangements prior to being cited for a compliance violation.
  11. Q: Where can I get more information on dumping?
    A: See the Canyon Creek FAQ page concerning illegal dumping.
  12. Q: How may I recycle or dispose of my Christmas tree?
    A: See the CoA Austin Resource Recovery link for Recycling Christmas Trees

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