Sidewalk Strip Repair or Replacement Options

Suggestions from your Architecture Review Team:

Many in our community would like to update their sidewalk strip for easy maintenance and to improve aesthetics in this area.  The sidewalk strip is the area between the sidewalk and street.  For those who would like to pursue this change, we’d like to encourage folks to use drought tolerant landscaping and plants.

Before you update your sidewalk strip, please be sure to fill out an Architectural Review Form for approval.


  • Dig down several inches so the feature is level to the curb rather than raised
  • Use a double layer of weed barrier
  • Do not use crushed granite (washes away too easily)
  • Do not use a raised edging.  It can be a trip hazard.
  • Keep plants small and low to the ground so it doesn’t impede walkers or sight lines for drivers
  • Maintain and freshen the area as needed.  Xeriscape does not mean “no maintenance”.  Debris gets in between the rocks and opportunistic weeds will grow.  Be sure to pull/treat those weeds.
  • When installing pavers, use polymeric sand to fill in the joints between the pavers. Filling in with concrete is not recommended as it does not provide for relief of the impervious cover requirement in your yard and it won’t look as nice.

 Some good ideas are shown below.

This is the preferred method as it is nice and clean looking and requires virtually no maintenance.