Architectural Review Committee Guidelines

Our community covenants state that improvements to residences shall not be started until a plan is submitted to and approved by the Architectural Review Committee. What needs ARC approval? Things that you add or change to the outside of your property. Examples include new landscaping, decks, sheds, pools, house additions, solar panels, and house painting or roofing if it’s a different color or material. The only exceptions are routine maintenance – replacing your fence or deck, or driveway as long as the materials, color, and location are the same as what is currently installed in your home. Additionally, all of our DCCR’s are available in the Governing Documents library.

 In order to provide some guidelines, here are some of the items that the ARC frequently encounters:

  • Maintenance of existing landscaping does not require architectural review.
  • All new or changed landscaping requires architectural review. This includes: new trees, planting beds, vegetable gardens, brick and rock borders, fencing, fountains, ponds, and lighting that shines beyond your property lines.
  • Professionally installed irrigation systems do not require architectural review. Please be positive of your property line prior to installing.

Basketball Goals Guidelines:

  • The goal must be positioned a maximum of 8 feet from the garage door.
  • The goal must be facing on the property in such a manner that errant balls will fall beyond the backboard into the yard of the resident owner of the goal, and not onto the neighboring property.
  • The goal itself must be kept well maintained.
  • Temporary or moveable goals are allowed but must not be left in the street or blocking the sidewalk when not in use

Satellite Dishes: Small (18”) satellite dishes are automatically approved for usage in Canyon Creek.  However, you must make a written application of the location of where the dish will be placed on the property.

  • Preferred placement for Satellite dishes are locations where they are not visible from the street in front of the house. These locations include:
    • Mounted below the fence line on the side or back of a home and not visible from the public thoroughfare(s).
    • Rear roof.
    • Behind the chimney
  • With south-facing homes, placement may require some street-side visibility. In these cases, the ARC will work with you to find the placement that minimizes street-side exposure such as:
    • Below the fence in the back of the house
    • High on the back side of the roof near the ridge line
    • Places blocked by vegetation, roof gables, chimneys or other visual impediments
  • Exterior attachment cables should be attached in a neat fashion, as far from the public thoroughfares as necessity allows
  • Please note that most satellite dish installers are contractors and will put the dish in a place most convenient for them and that this placement frequently is not acceptable. Please get ARC approval before installing the dish!

Where is the ARC request form?  The Architectural Review Committee Approval Request Form is located at:

Architecture Review Form

Residents can also send email messages to to reach all the directors at once. 

The CCHOA property manager Denise Johnston can be contacted at (512) 834-3900, or

Your ARC Committee members are:

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