Please Don’t Dump Trash in Canyon Creek HOA and Canyon Creek Elementary Dumpsters.

Dear Associate Members:

Our HOA Community Center and Canyon Creek Elementary School are dealing with the consequences of Theft of Service. Dumpsters, trash, and recycling containers are being illegally filled by the refuse from other sources including individuals living within Canyon Creek. Not only is this behavior un-neighborly, but it also amounts to petty theft!

As with any well-run business or household, our HOA and CCE purchase rubbish removal services to fit the needs of their continuing operations. When their receptacles are filled with trash from other sources, our HOA and CCE must pay additional fees or store their garbage. None of us want garbage stored within our neighborhood for obvious health and aesthetic reasons.

Please only use your own receptacles for your trash. Dumping bags of your refuse in someone else’s dumpster, trash, or recycling bin is illegal dumping and you could be fined for that activity.

We are asking that you do not use our receptacles for your personal trash. There is a fine associated with illegal dumping and our school district is prepared to enforce these fines. The City of Austin offers many legal and neighborly solutions for excess trash at the following link:

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Board of Directors

Canyon Creek Homeowners’ Association

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