Canyon Creek Xeriscaping Guidelines

Many folks within Canyon Creek are considering transitioning from high water requirement lawns to drought tolerant landscapes.  Below is a quick synopsis of our guidelines for Canyon Creek homeowners.  Please remember to submit an Architectural Review Form before commencing any projects.  An HOA resolution was adopted in 2014 to guide homeowners about xeriscaping in our neighborhood.

Xeriscaping refers to a method of landscape design that minimizes water use. Use plants whose natural requirements are appropriate to the local climate.  (see the list below)


  • 70% or more plant cover at maturity; 70% evergreen plants.  (less than 70% causes “heat island effect”)
  • Use weed barrier under gravel/rocks (hardscape)
  • No decomposed granite or other very small (under 3/4″) gravel within 2 feet of the street, driveway, walkway, etc.
  • No artificial turf.  During the hot summer months, the surface temperature of the turf can reach 165°
  • Maintain!  Regularly pull weeds, re-mulch, trim plants, refresh rocks, etc.


  • Plan on over-planting in the beginning.  It’s easier to remove what doesn’t work or survive, than it is to put in more plants once the weed barrier and hardscape is in place.
  • Consider using an Olla – a watering option
  • Convert to drip irrigation and cap current irrigation
  • Avoid large areas with no plants
  • Vary the size and color of the rocks for visual interest
  • Plant trees for shade
  • Aggressively keep weeds out – pull them, dig them, kill them, but don’t let them detract from the beauty of your new landscape

Link to the official Canyon Creek Xeriscaping Policy:

Link to the Canyon Creek Architectural Review Form:

Evergreen shrubs with low water requirements:

  • Glossy abelia
  • Agarita
  • Agave
  • Eleagnus
  • Bush germander
  • Burford holly
  • Dwarf Chinese holly
  • Dwarf yaupon holly
  • Primrose yasmine
  • Prickly pear
  • Texas sage (cenizo)
  • Texas sotol
  • Pale leaf yucca
  • Red yucca
  • Twistleaf yucca

Evergreen perennials, low water requirements:

  • Bulbine
  • Calylophus
  • Cast iron plant (shade)
  • Blackfoot daisy
  • Damianita
  • Hymenoxis
  • Bearded iris
  • Bicolor iris
  • Mexican oregano
  • Rock penstemon
  • Pink skullcap
  • Cherry sage
  • Jerusalem sage

Evergreen ornamental grasses, low water requirement:

  • Basket grass

Evergreen groundcover low water requirement:

  • Artemisia
  • Aztecgrass (shade)
  • Creeping germander
  • Oregano
  • Purple heart
  • Trailing rosemary
  • Santolina
  • Berkeley sedge
  • Texsa sedge
  • Sedum

Evergreen vine, low water requirement:

  • Crossvine

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