Canyon Creek Sign Policy Clarification and Guidance

Guidance on Signage in Canyon Creek

The board would like to clarify our community’s policy on signage. While we may have changed management companies, there have been no changes to our sign compliance regime. If a notice has been received in error, please contact the management company or the board to express your concern.

  • In the interest of improving neighborhood security, the Site Inspector will not cite for unobtrusive signs announcing homes protected by an alarm company.
  • In the interest of school spirit, the Site Inspector will not cite for signs in support of students participating in school activities (band, sports, etc.)
  • Display of political signs is subject to Texas Property Code – Display of Political Signs, Section 202.009. The display time period is: “An applicable election period consists of the time period commencing 90 days before the date of the election to which a sign relates and continuing until the 10th day after such election date.”
  • Signs marketing property are permitted on the owners Lot under the DCCRs, section 3.3. (i.e. “For Sale” signs)
  • All other signs are prohibited under the DCCRS.