Traffic Safety Issues in Canyon Creek

Many Canyon Creek residents have expressed concerns over some noted traffic safety incidents in our community in recent weeks. The Canyon Creek HOA board would like to assure concerned residents that we have also noted speeding and other unsafe acts and we share those concerns. The HOA board has been actively investigating possible solutions to noted traffic issues. In a conversation this month with City of Austin traffic engineers, they have advised that the city will not be taking any applications or considering new traffic calming measures such as “speed humps” for the remainder of 2018 while they review and adopt possible new regulations. However, the HOA board is actively looking into other possible solutions such as permanently installed radar speed signs.

Radar speed signs will not totally cure the speeding and unsafe acts, but it has been proven in traffic studies that they do have a positive general effect in reducing speeding and promoting traffic safety. If installed, these radar speed signs will not take photos of vehicles passing by, but all of the data obtained by the on-board computer system will be available for the board to review and analyze. The board will be discussing this topic further at our regular board meeting next Monday the 14th at 7:00 p.m. at The Church at Canyon Creek (9001 N. FM 620). All community residents are invited to attend this regular board meeting and speak publicly to the board if so desired. Residents can always contact the board through at  on this or any other topic.