TxDOT Presentation made at the Canyon Creek Town Hall Meeting on Sep 16, 2019

RM 620 CORRIDOR Refinement Study.

This presentation was made by Bruce Byron, Public Information Lead, of TxDOT and explains some plans for improving mobility on and around RM 620. The main takeaways from this presentation are:

  • The 620/2222 bypass road is planned for completion in late 2020 and will relieve some traffic congestion on both 620 and 2222 when completed
  • RM 620 is already stretched way beyond its original design vehicular capacity, especially near the 620/2222 intersection and the 620/Anderson Mill intersection
  • The 620/Anderson Mill Rd intersection improvement project is now funded and construction of an overpass is planned to start in late 2023 after engineering and purchase of right-of-way properties are completed

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